“Jackie is an exceptional teacher. His guidance is clear and easy to remember, and combined with a nice sense of humour. His attitude is positive and encouraging and I particularly like the way that he remembers what it is like to be a beginner, despite having practised and perfected his art for many years. The system of Qigong he teaches is unusual for its clarity and detail, and understanding of body mechanics – thanks for saving my knees joints!”

Richard Blackwell, Principal of the Northern College of Acupuncture, York

Chi Kung Events

“ In June 2003, I woke up unable to move and in agonising pain. I couldn’t dress or feed myself rendering me totally dependant on my parents. A year later, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial pain were eventually diagnosed and I needed 16 steroid injections administered every 3-4 months. I turned to Acupuncture for help. My practitioner suggested that in conjunction with treatment I join in the Taoist Water Method Chi Gung classes run by Jackie Smith. I was very reluctant initially, but when abdominal breathing exercises were recommended to help ease my pain I eventually ‘dragged’ myself to the class. I practised what I was taught in class and improvements in my health were slow but very definite. Four years later I can honestly say that a lot of my pain has gone and I’m now leading a ‘normal life’. Chi Gung empowered me, gave me back control of my life. I am no longer a victim relying on doctors to ‘fix me’.  Jackie is an excellent teacher, perceptive clear and patient. He taught me to work within my physical and energetic limits. A concept transferable to everyday life!

Salil Pande, BA Film Studies (York Class – 2009)

Tai Chi Events

“I’ve found Jackie to be an excellent teacher. He has a lot of patience and the ability to explain the moves in a clear and simple manner. Jackie’s classes are a joy to attend because of his infectious enthusiasm for Tai Chi.”

Annemarie Woolfries, NHS National Services Scotland