Energy Gates Qigong

Energy Gates Qigong

OPENING THE ENERGY GATES involves the practice of 3,000 year old qigong techniques. Students will learn a series of core exercises composed of six elements, which are designed to teach basic body alignments and increase internal awareness, enhancing body and mind connection whilst dissolving energy blockages in the body.

The first core element is a standing posture designed to enable individuals to recognise tension in the body and to then take them through a process of relaxing releasing and dissolving this tension. The second called ’Cloud Hands’ takes forward the principles learned in the first and involves co-ordinated movement of the arms and legs and forward, backward, up and down motions and includes all of tai chi’s basic twisting, turning, bending and stretching motions. The third, fourth and fifth are swinging motions, opening the joints of the arms and legs and infusing the internal organs with energy. The sixth is a spinal stretch which gains complete control over the spinal vertebrae.

‘ A supple spine is the backbone of good health’

Bruce Frantzis Publication: Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body 2006


  • Improves balance and co-ordination
  • Increases flexibility and elasticity of the joints, supporting recovery of  joint injuries
  • Reduces stress and tension in the body