Longevity Breathing

Longevity Breathing

longevity breathing

LONGEVITY BREATHING involves breathing with the whole body and has been used for millennia to enhance the ability to dissolve and release energy blockages in the mind and body whilst enhancing wellbeing and spiritual awareness. It provides an excellent foundation for meditation practice, calming the mind and allowing long, deep and focussed breath.


Calms, strengthens, relaxes and releases tension from the nervous system
Breathing from the diaphragm provides an internal massage for the organs.

‘If I could only teach one qigong exercise that would have the maximum effect of changing people’s lives for the better, I would teach Longevity Breathing. Of all self help exercises, breathing properly is one of the most effective ways to improve overall health, decrease stress and mitigate the negative effects of aging.’

Bruce Frantzis Publication: Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong Instruction Manual 2008